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Thank you for helping to preserve the rich legacy of Christian Science church architecture by submitting a digital photo for our collection.

In order to record basic information about a church edifice for the historical record for our catalog and to properly map its location, please include the following information when emailing photos to

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Church Name
  • Church Status (Active or Former)
  • Church Address
  • Date of Photo

If you have any questions about taking or submitting a photo, please call our archivist at 405.418.5232.


Submission Details

Please make sure you read the Terms paragraph below.

The most important thing to remember in taking your photos is to be respectful and use discretion. Churches are places of spiritual dignity; therefore photography should never disrupt or disturb church members or their activities.

Daystar is interested in collecting images of both current and former Christian Science church and Christian Science society buildings worldwide. One of the best ways to locate former church and society edifices is to use the listings found in older issues of The Christian Science Journal.

For the purposes of this project and with consideration towards privacy, any interior photos of branch churches will not be posted to our online gallery. However, we will accept interior photos of branch churches as additions to the historical record for our collection.

Daystar also welcomes donations of print photographs, scans of print photographs, as well as postcards with images of interiors and exteriors of Christian Science branch church edifices. Inclusion of such images in our online gallery will be at Daystar’s discretion.

Please submit photos/digital images as .jpg files in the highest resolution possible, preferably 1 MB or higher.

Please submit photos as attachments to an email, and do not embed them within the body of the email or within a PDF or other document.

Please be selective with the photos you share. Daystar reserves the right to reject the acceptance into the collection of any or all photos submitted.

Please understand that no photo credit will be given with your image in the gallery.



Emailing a photograph or photographs for the purpose of this gallery indicates the user is the lawful owner of the photograph(s) and that the user hereby transfers full ownership, including any and all intellectual property rights, such as, but not limited to, all prior, extant and any derivative copyrights, to Daystar Foundation and Library, LLC (Daystar). Submission of any photograph(s) does not create nor imply any agency or contractual relationship between user and Daystar. Submission of any photograph(s) does not create nor imply any duty of any kind whatsoever on the part of Daystar, with respect to use, credit, or any other rights of ownership or use thus transferred by user. Under no circumstance shall Daystar owe any compensation to user, including, but not limited to, royalties, at any time, past, present, and/or future. Under no circumstance shall Daystar be liable for any misuse, infringement, or other unlawful acts of user, at any time, worldwide, forever. Any dispute arising out of submission of any photograph shall be adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Oklahoma; user specifically agrees to personal jurisdiction within Oklahoma and waives any other jurisdiction and/or venue. By submitting the photograph(s), user hereby agrees to all the above terms and surrenders ownership and all rights in said photograph(s) to Daystar.