“Pioneers of Christian Science in Oconto, Wisconsin: Part Four, Anna Adams Heney”

Spring/Summer 1995 issue

This edition of Library Notes is the fourth in a series focusing on the pioneers of the Cause of Christian Science from Oconto, Wisconsin. This issue details the experience of Anna Adams Heney, sister of Laura and Victoria Sargent, who contributed greatly to the early growth of Christian Science in Duluth, Minnesota.

“The seed of Christian Science was planted in Duluth by students who had imbibed their first ideas of it at Oconto, Wis., where…the first church building of the denomination was erected and dedicated. The unselfish devotion of that noble band who amid much discouragement carried the building of that first church to completion, has ever remained an inspiration to those who brought the truth to Duluth” (The Christian Science Journal, Vol. XXX, March 1913, p. 723).


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