“Rising ‘to the Altitude of True Womanhood’: Women in the Early Christian Science Movement: Part Two, Annie Macmillan Knott, C.S.D.”

Fall/Winter 2002-2003 issue

In the formative years of the Christian Science movement, women played significant roles in the establishment of the new religion. They served as preachers, Readers in churches, practitioners, and teachers, and many became well-known and respected members of their communities. Some of these women wrote prolifically about Christian Science for the newspapers and magazines of their day; some represented Christian Science before state legislatures; and some became Christian Science lecturers at a time when women were not encouraged to speak in public. This Library Notes series focuses on several highly accomplished women whose wholehearted commitment to Christian Science and its Discoverer, Founder, and Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, enabled them to serve humbly but confidently in positions of prominence.